project title :

small holiday home 2

plot area :

284.86 m²

total area :

93.28 m²

study time :


It is a holiday home, which consists of a main living room with kitchen, a dormitory on the same level and an auxiliary space in the attic which is in relation to the attic and the living room.

The main volume of the house is thus divided into two parts: a ground floor with a tiled roof and a two-storey (ground floor & attic) with a sloping single-pitched roof. In the organization of the composition of the tumors, the vertical levels, which differ in color, play a decisive role. The goal is to create a composition of volumes, despite the limited square footage of the building.

The basic design intention concerns the satisfaction of a very simple functional program of a holiday home which facilitates as much as possible the daily life of its inhabitants. The cost of construction, according to the study, was reduced to the lowest possible level. Typical example of low cost design without any reduction in the quality of materials, functionality and aesthetics of the space.